Nestlé (NESN)

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Nestlé (NESN)

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NESN, eine wohl typische Langzeitanlage. Hier der Kursverlauf über die letzten 5 Jahre im Vergleich zum SMI
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Nicht schlecht , oder? Hier ein Artikel aus der südafrikanischen New24 (mit Quelle Bloomberg)
Nestlé invests in maker of fake chicken that has skin and bones
Nestlé has invested in a vegan startup that is trying to mimic chicken in the most realistic way possible, including fake skin and bones, as the world’s largest food company presses ahead with expansion in plant-based meat substitutes.
Nestlé led a funding round of about $4 million in Sundial Foods, said Jessica Schwabach, chief executive officer of the Albany, California-based company. The proceeds will help fund initial production as the company plans to introduce vegan chicken wings in the Bay Area in the spring and expand throughout California next year.
The Swiss food giant has been investing heavily in alternative proteins as an increasing number of consumers forgo animal products amid environmental and health concerns. After a late start to the vegan market, chief executive officer Mark Schneider now aims to have a plant-based substitute for every animal protein. Nestlé is testing the waters for new technologies, including cultured meat with Israeli cell-based startup Future Meat.
"People liked the realistic appearance and the high protein content - but their favorite aspect was the plant-based skin," CEO Schwabach, 22, said in an interview Thursday. "It added to the cooking experience and provided interesting texture while eating."
A spokesperson for Nestlé declined to comment.

Wo liegt das Problem?
Doch nicht ein so gutes Geschäft?
The alternative-protein market has shown some signs of a slowdown. Beyond Meat shares dropped 13% on November 11 after the maker of faux burger patties forecast sales below analysts’ forecasts.
Whatever, EN GUETE